Simple Comfy Blanket Sweater (Knit & Crochet)

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

So this is what happened... My mom knits and I crochet and we BOTH wanted to make a blanket sweater. So naturally, we turned it into a competition. Who's stitches look better.... who finished it faster.... you name it. We had a blast! But now we don't want to know who won. We're each just claiming the win regardless of the actual results ☺️.

This pattern can be downloaded right here!


The final measurement should be 30in long and 40in wide.


  • 1 Ball of RedHeart Dreamyin Aqua, Grey and Ivory

  • 6mm / US 10 needles (for Knit Pattern)

  • 6mm / US K-10.5 hook (for Crochet Pattern)

  • Tapestry needle


Oh and comment below to let us know which one you made!


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