Keep Me Warm Leg Warmers - Knit

After almost a year-long #partnership in the making, #KnitCrate and #SeeLoveShare have teamed up for their #December issue. Their #beautiful #yarn and my #legging #patterns (both #knit and #crochet) is being featured this month! I am over the moon 🥰!

Here are the details...

This Pattern uses Exclusive Yarn from the team at KnitCrate. Click below for all the details. And - Use Coupon code SEELOVESHAREIT20 for an additional 20% off your order!!

Pattern Notes:

This pattern is worked front to back, starting from the top of the leg warmer with a seam along the back. This is a full-length pattern that is worn from above your knee past the heel of your foot. It’s not your typical leg warmers. The mesh stitch is worked to be loose around your calf and snug in the bands above your knee and under your foot.

The Pattern can be downloaded from my Ravelry store right here!

The crochet pattern is up next :)