Assorted Crochet Pumpkins with Curly Vines

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

I’ll admit, I totally got into this #project. I made the first one and #giggled to myself because it was so #cute! I ended up sending a few pics to my friends and they fell in #love. So, then I thought… what if I made it taller, fatter, different colors… fast forward a couple days, now I have an entire #pumpkin #family and a dozen other ideas on how to change them up! This pattern is so #versatile (and forgiving) so you can start with the base and modify to suit your pumpkin needs (yes, that’s a thing I just discovered I had). By simply increasing the amount of stitches or start to decrease sooner, you’ll end up with totally unique pumpkins that will certainly be a crowd pleaser! The best part - each one cost about $4 in materials and take about 3 hrs to complete! Just think…. they’ll make for very original #hostess gifts ;).

I would love to see what you guys come up with. Please #share your #pictures with me – tag @seeloveshare and make my day!

Skill Level: Easy


CH – chain

SC – single crochet


Totally up to you


· 1 skein for pumpkin orange (or any pumpkin color you like). I like Red Heart Super Saver Yarn for projects like these because they’re a great price, durable and come in LOADS of colors. I used color Pumpkin, Carrot and Coral Corail.

· 1 skein of light brown for the stem (I used scraps that I had left over from other projects.

· 1 skein of green for the vine (I used Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green)

· Poly Fill to plump them up!

· Size J/10-6.00MM (for stem and vine)

· L/11-8.00MM (for pumpkin)


Unfortunately, I can no longer offer this pattern for free but I've made it available to you at the lowest price possible! The pattern can be downloaded right here!

The Pumpkin Family -

Pear-Shaped Pumpkin:

Modification: Less increases, flat rows, increase again, flat rows, decrease. No ridges.

Small White Pumpkin

Large, Flat Pimpkin:

Modification: additional Increases, less flat rows, decrease.

Double Pumpkin:

Modification: Instead of decreasing all the way, stop halfway, flat rows, Increase to same size as top, flat rows similar to top half, decrease.

Sinched Pear-Shaped Pumpkin:

Modification: make similar to pear shape above. Tie off mid section and sinch as tight as you'd like.

Small Pumpkin:

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