All the Bobbles Baby Blanket

We were looking for a textured blanket for our newest family member. These little bobbles are perfect for little kiddos to play with and the super soft yarn draws shines with this pattern!

Pattern Notes:

To modify the pattern, cast on a multiple of 6 stitches plus 5. You can also add to the length to make it longer, as noted throughout the pattern.

Bobbles are essential to this pattern! Take the time to practice to do them right. You will need to shape them after you complete but it’s worth the effort. We worked this up in an ombre sequence, but this works well as a solid color also.

For simplicity, we changed our colors as the balls of yarn ran out, making sure that we completed a full row before starting another (to avoid changing colors mid row).


34.5in x 34.5 (great for a car seat)



14 stitches, 20 rows to 4"


MB: Make Bobble

K: Knit

P: Purl

P2Tog: Purl 2 together


The pattern can be downloaded from my Ravelry store right here!

#Pattern Release 🚨!] All the #Bobbles #BabyBlanket #knitpattern #free today only! #FreePatternFriday! Mom did the heavy lifting on this pattern and she’s so worried you guys won’t like it as much as the blue #ombre #EasyPeasy pattern I posted yesterday! I keep telling her that’s not the way it works... #knit and #crochetare two different art forms so no comparison needed! Let’s show #momsome #Love on this one! I think she did a great job!! She definitely earned her keep on her unpaid internship 🤗😂! #iloveyoumom! Pattern posted at link in bio! . . . #seeloveshare #knitstagram #paintboxyarns#loveknitting #knittingaddict