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This is a collection of all off the things we are passionate about. For the most part, it involves everything to do with using our hands. They're our most powerful tool after all.


We're on board with a the maker lifestyle so browse through our Art & Craft section to see what we're working on or peek at our Food & Fitness to see what we're up to and eating.  


We strive to make everything posted clearly written, well photographed and as simple as possible to complete. The beauty about making everything your own is that you get to decide when it's finished. You may not realize it yet but you have so much power to make everything that much more special because it's yours.


We are focused on a healthy lifestyle so you'll notice that most of our recipes are intended to swap out some of our more guilty pleasures or to provide you with a healthy trend. And, we test everything with our hungry family and friends before we post it. 

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All the patterns on SeeLoveShare are free! We love to share our patterns and watch you create your own art! Please share your projects with us!


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Here you can find anything from free knit and crochet patterns to healthy recipes for you to try at home.


You can easily find free patterns under our Art & Crafts tab. Please share your latest #seeloveshare pattern with us!

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We have created a SLS Community just for you!!! We want it to be a place to share ideas, patterns, WIPs, and much more. We invite you to join us, as much more is to come! Welcome to SeeLoveShare!

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