It's Spring! Here's what you can expect to see on SeeLoveShare!


After a long hiatus from updating the website - We're back! Lots of things have changed but we remain the same at our core. We are  going to be focusing on more knitting patterns and knitting/crochet face-offs! One pattern done both ways. Let us know if there are any in particular you'd like us to covert!



What are your summer knit projects? How do you stay busy when the sun is shining? I like to focus on decor for the home or to catch up on baby shower presents. Expect to see a lot of those coming your way!

Hitting the beach or pool anytime soon? You've requested some swim-time projects and I'm all over it. Look out for bikinis, beach bags, and picnic items to make those days all yours. ​


SLS is getting some love and attention from others. What projects have you tried from Red Heart Yarns? They have a lot of free goodies to choose from and I've already posted my faves! 

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Summer means BBQ season. We're going to cook out as much as possible to keep the heat out of the kitchen. Have any Grilling questions or requests? Email us! 

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