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I am my mother’s daughter. My hands are in constant motion and I always have a project at the ready. There is something about settling down with a new project and watching it come to life as you near completing it. I can't really explain it, but I know you know exactly what I mean!

Although I can't really pinpoint where my love of crafts came from, I do remember the first thing I ever knitted in Girl Scouts (well, the Canadian version that is). It was a quasi-scarf that I used to demonstrate my killer knit stitch for the Knitting Badge that I achieved for my sash. It was a very proud moment. I do, however; still have this hideously, ugly black-and-rainbow-paneled blanket I knitted that really hasn't aged well. My parents still have it, unfortunately, but it has been demoted to "basement blanket"! Probably for the best. 

I have done better work since that hideous blanket. My best friends keep having scrumptious, chubby babies so there is no shortage of pastel, machine-washable yarn wherever I go! I’m like Oprah, albeit my gifts are bear-ear sweaters, not cars. 

What I love about the crafting community is that we love to help! Have any questions? You can probably find the answer pretty quickly from a fellow crafter. That's why I love to give my patterns away for free. I love contributing to the crafting community and maybe sparking some inspiration with a new project! 

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