I’m Ashleigh. Proud Toronto native. San Francisco devotee. Finance nerd to the nth degree. I lived corporate finance and the start-up world. They were exciting and I LOVED working on projects that had a material impact to the business - whether it was pitching VCs, raising funds, building out teams…you name it! And I seemed to be really good at it and I was learning something new every day. I was having the time of my life, and the days whizzed by.


That changed. Overnight.


A challenging health set-back knocked the wind out of my soul, and compelled me to re-evaluate what really makes me happy. Where my joy lives. Now, I’m spending my time with the people who matter most, pursuing hobbies and adventures that bring joy to my life and a smile to my face. I’m still a finance nerd, but it became clear that the corporate world distracted me from my true self. It may have taken me longer than I would like, but with the encouragement of the ones I love I’ve come to realize I’m a creative at heart.


So what makes me, ME??


Food food food. I love to find restaurants off the beaten path. Each is a treasure, and each new dish is an opportunity to replicate once I get home. Where have you been all my life, beet-anything. I take meticulous notes. I sniff. I touch. I taste. I interrogate the chef and embarrass my friends. Don’t judge me! You’ll reap the rewards when we get home.


Health + Fitness. Obsessed. I’ve been a pescetarian for years and have unintentionally convinced my friends that meat-less is mind-BLOWING. Quinoa is a winner; I would never lead you astray! My gym bag has expanded from running shoes and yoga matt to include boxing gloves, clip-in spin shoes, and – clearly – a spare outfit to change into after rolling around the germy bootcamp floor. I can talk to you about the benefits of chia seeds and many uses for coconut oil for hours. Maybe days. You get the picture.

Art + Craft. I am my mother’s daughter. My hands are in constant motion and I always have a project at the ready. My best friends keep having scrumptious, chubby babies so there is no shortage of pastel, machine-washable yarn wherever I go! I’m like Oprah, albeit my gifts are bear-ear sweaters, not cars. My mother taught me to love the retreat of gardening, and it stuck with me. Everything is better with fresh herbs. It’s a fact. I quiz my mother with pictures of unique flowers or plants I find and she has an annoying high success rate. Don’t tell her I said that. She’s sassy enough as it is.


Home Design. I see a space and immediately imagine each piece of the puzzle that will make it a home. I’ve designed something as minimal as an office bookshelf to as intricate as a complete first floor and kitchen remodel. My creative and math brain collide; I tinker and ruminate until the hours are lost. I am in my element. I mean...who doesn’t love a brand spankin’ new marble countertop with custom side-shelving! All the better to make gooey pear-ginger shortbread lattice-crust pie for a chilly autumn night. Heaven.


So, while it may have taken me longer than I would like, this is my story of discovery. My truth. It’s not always pretty - sometimes it’s pretty messy - but it’s filled to the brim with heart and joy, and I want to share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy.